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Sarajevo (hotel) – Vrelo Bosne – mountain Igman – Bjelašnica – Umoljani

Tour description:

Breakfast at the hotel. Departure to the Vrelo Bosne – Spring of the Bosna river. Enjoying the country’s popular natural landmark which provides a quiet escape from usually busy city life. Vrelo Bosne is part of the municipality of Ilidža, and it is one of the country’s most popular natural landmarks which provides a quiet escape from usually busy city life. 

Tourists can reach the park by easy walk from 3 kilometers straight Main Avenue (Velika Aleja) or, for a reasonable price, by horse-carriage. The avenue itself contains traditional buildings from the Austro-Hungarian-era offering a glance into the luxuries of the past. The paths inside the park are ideal for walks and bicycle riding. Outdoor cafés and restaurants are available offering drinks and food but opening hours may vary from season to a season. Typical animals are ducks and swans among others. 

After that, the tour will continue to Olympic mountains around Sarajevo: Igman and Bjelašnica. Geologically, these gracious mountains are part of the Dinaric Alps. In the year 1984, the winter Olympic Games were hosted on these beautiful mountains: Igman and Bjelašnica. Besides the part where the games took place, these mountains are a wild nature, astonishing and beautiful. 

Tourists can experience the different flavors escaping from the plants, your lungs feeling a different quality of the air and your thoughts become lighter which will bring you to a moment of inspiration and tranquility. One of the most eye-catching structures remains the Ski Jumping platform at Malo Polje. 

Tourists will explore Umoljani – located on the mountain  Bjelašnica. It is an eco-village in full sense of the meaning, with traditional houses. It cherishes the original life and the autochthonous way of lifestyle as well. The people are friendly, polite and natural, they just follow the way nature behaves, graceful and beautiful. Everywhere you throw your glance it's pure, clean, and green. You are away from the city traffic, the huge buildings and concrete. The terrain is perfect for hiking and mountain biking. Tourists can enjoy some delicious local food in a few of the guest facilities. 

Driving back to the hotel. 

Duration of this tour: About 7 – 8 hours, depending on weather conditions and mood of our clients.

Additional information: 

Please note that all tours we do are shared tours unless agreed as the private option.

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