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Sarajevo (hotel) – Travnik – Jajce

Description of Travnik & Jajce Tour

Breakfast at the hotel. Departure to Vitez then to Travnik city. In Travnik, stopping and exploring. Travnik city is located in the center of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the valley of the river "Lašva", surrounded by mountains  Vlašić from the north, and Vilenica from the south. 

Its continental climate, greenery, specific streets and uniqueness, provide numerous opportunities for tourists who visit this city every day. Travnik for 150 years was the capital of a Bosnian pasha, a 77-year-old residence and the headquarters of two consulates. It is also known that there is the largest number of preserved turbas in BiH - a total of seven. 

Fortress Old Town or Travnik Fortress is considered the most important cultural and historical monument. For many years in Travnik, there is a Memorial Museum "The Birth House of Ivo Andrić", which reminds us of the value of his literary legacy. Ivo Andrić was born in this town on October 9, 1892. In the eastern part of Travnik, which preserves the remains of the Bosnian tradition, there is also the spring of "Blue Water", which is actually the shortest river in BiH, well known for its beauty and purity. Being located in the center of Bosnia, It’s just a start for your next great trip to the next city in Bosnia. 

Continuing traveling through Donji Vakuf to Jajce city. In Jajce, a waterfall tour and a walk around it. After that tour of the Pliva Lake and Mlinčić. Tourists have the option of renting boats, as well as, bicycle rental (with four wheels). Jajce city is considered a royal city because it was the capital residence of the Bosnian kings, as well as the last stronghold of the last Bosnian king Stjepan Tomašević. The city, therefore, holds an imposing history from the medieval period, and this historical and cultural richness of Jajce is attested by the presence of 24 national monuments. This town isn't just royal because of the impressive cultural-historic background, we can also say that it's magnificent because of its natural potential. 

The waterfall and the watermills are something that you don't want to miss. It’s a must-see destination. Also, there are restaurants for lunch or another option is to stop at Donji Vakuf and have lunch at the Sjemešnica restaurant.
 On the way back, visiting Travnik and a tour of Blue Water. In Travnik there is madrasah. It is the first and the oldest educational institution. Tour continues to Vitez (if tourists want to go to FIS Vitez for shopping, it is possible to arrange it). 

Driving back to the hotel. 

Duration of this tour: About 7 – 8 hours, depending on weather conditions and mood of our clients.

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Please note that all tours we do are shared tours unless agreed as the private option.

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