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Sarajevo (hotel) – Old part of the city, Baščaršija – Yellow Fortress – White Fortress – Zmajevac – Čavljak

Description of Sarajevo City Tour:

Breakfast at the hotel. Departure for the tour in Old city - Baščaršija: Sebilj fountain, Gazi-Husref Beg Mosque, Ferhadija, Morića han, Svrzo house, Historical Museum, Bursa Bezistan, Latin bridge, Alija Izetbegović museum, City Hall. 

Baščaršija is Sarajevo’s old bazaar, historical and cultural center of the city. A lot of things of great significance are around it such as cobblestone streets, the historical mosque and churches, the craftsmen and their workshops, hookah bars and marketplaces, many locally and internationally cuisines, where you can taste famous dishes like Burek and Ćevapi.

Tourists will get to know the hospitality and traditions of people who have been living, trading, and working in Baščaršija for decades. Nowadays there are a lot of boutiques where you can enjoy shopping for a memorable and timeless fashion. Also, enjoy drinking Bosnian coffee like the locals have done as a part of traditional life. This will give you the real vibe of the city.

Tour will continue to Yellow Fortress and White Fortress where you can enjoy an amazing view of the Sarajevo city.

The Yellow Fortress is one of the fortifications that made up the defensive wall of the old town, Vratnik. it is also known as Jekovac Fortress. The construction of this fort was completed in 1809. The decision to build was made by Gazi Ahmed Pasha Skopljak. Nowadays, it offers a spectacular view of the city and is one of Sarajevo’s most popular places. There is also a café where you can take refreshments and enjoy the scenery. In this place, the cannon is fired at sunset during the Islamic month of Ramadan to mark the time for breaking the fast (iftar).

The White Fortress is a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Archeological research indicated that the oldest parts of the fortress were built during the Middle Ages and that other sections were added during the Ottoman period and then later during the Austro-Hungarian period. It is built of white stone and it used to house a gun-crew and an ammunition storage. Thick walls of the fortress have openings for cannons.  Nowadays fortress is being used as a picnic place with a breathtaking view of Sarajevo city.

Zmajevac is a hill spot in Sarajevo surrounded by an evergreen forest called „Sedam šuma“. Many tourists come to Zmajevac to have a relaxing time, socialize over a coffee and enjoy the sunset. There’s also a restaurant where you can relax, have coffee and enjoy the view. After Zmajevac, the tour will continue to Čavljak.

Čavljak is an ideal place for a quick escape in nature, and visitors besides enjoying walking, hiking and cycling through the beautiful scenery, can also visit the Mountaineering Lodge with local dishes and refreshments.

Driving back to the hotel.

Duration of this tour: About 7 – 8 hours, depending on weather conditions and mood of our clients.

Additional information: 

Please note that all tours we do are shared tours unless agreed as the private option.

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