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Sarajevo (hotel) – Bjelašnica – Umoljani – Lukomir

Description of Bjelašnica hiking Tour

Lukomir is the only remaining traditional semi-nomadic Bosniak mountain village in Bosnia and Herzegovina. At almost 1.500 m, the village of Lukomir, with its unique stone homes with cherry-wood roof tiles, is the highest and most isolated mountain village in the country. Indeed, access to the village is impossible from the first snows in December until late April and sometimes even later, except by skis or by foot.

This tour starts from Sarajevo at 8:00 AM to Umoljani village, across Bjelašnica mountain which is one of the most amazing mountains in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

After approximately 1 hour and a half ride, once we reach Umoljani, tourists will decide which hiking option they want to do: easier one or medium hard one.

An easier option is available to anyone of lower medium, even low fitness level and would require a total of 3-4 hours hike. 
Mainly it includes car ride on macadam road to Lukomir village, where tourists have free time (lunch break exploring village) and after that, we start to hike through Rakitnica Canyon to Studeni Potok and Umoljani village. This option does not have any major altitude differences and it is mostly easy mainly flat and pleasant walk.

A medium hard option is offering much, much more, and is adjusted for people with medium to higher fitness level. 
We will leave the car at Umoljani village and start our, firstly one way roughly 3-4 hour long hike, to reach Lukomir village. The trail will take us from starting point of roughly 1275 meters (Umoljani) to a peak of Obalj at around 1896 meters with more than 620 meters of altitude gain. During this first part of hiking, tourists will be able to see amazing views of Studeni Potok along the way, Rakitnica Canyon and mountains of Treskavica, Visočica and the ultimate peak of Bjelašnica.

After a break, on the top of Obalj, hiking will continue down to Lukomir village at an altitude of 1500. 
When we reach in Lukomir we will have time for rest, lunch, coffee, explore the village and enjoy beautiful nature.
 After that, we start our second part of hiking tour through Rakitnica Canyon to Studeni Potok and Umoljani village, around 3 hours mostly easy, mainly flat and pleasant walk.

Duration: around 7-8 hours, depending on weather conditions and mood of our clients. 

Additional information: 

Please note that all tours we do are shared tours unless agreed as the private option.

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