Treehouse mountain package


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Package description:

2 persons 


5 days tours with private driver (driver, fuel, parking and VAT included in price) 

1. day Sarajevo City Tour

Sarajevo – Old part of the city, Baščaršija – Yellow Fortress – cable car ride to Trebević  with a visit to Sunnyland restaurant - Shopping at SCC mall

Description of Sarajevo City Tour:

Departure for the tour in Old city - Baščaršija: Sebilj fountain, Gazi-Husref Beg Mosque, Ferhadija, Morića han, Svrzo house, Historical Museum, Bursa Bezistan, Latin bridge, Alija Izetbegović museum.

Tourists will get to know the hospitality and traditions of people who have been living, trading, and working in Baščaršija for decades. Nowadays there are a lot of boutiques where you can enjoy shopping for a memorable and timeless fashion. Also, enjoy drinking Bosnian coffee like the locals have done as a part of traditional life. This will give you the real vibe of the city.

Tour will continue to Yellow Fortress where tourists can enjoy an amazing view of the Sarajevo city.

The Yellow Fortress is one of the fortifications that made up the defensive wall of the old town, Vratnik. it is also known as Jekovac Fortress. The construction of this fort was completed in 1809. The decision to build was made by Gazi Ahmed Pasha Skopljak. Nowadays, it offers a spectacular view of the city and is one of Sarajevo’s most popular places. There is also a café where you can take refreshments and enjoy the scenery. In this place, the cannon is fired at sunset during the Islamic month of Ramadan to mark the time for breaking the fast (iftar).

Tour will continue with cable car ride to the mountain Trebević where tourists will experience fun times and an amazing view of Sarajevo city.  Tourists will also visit Sunnyland restaurant at mountain Trebević. 

After, the tour will continue to the Sarajevo City Center shopping malls. 

Driving back to the accommodation.

2. day  Vrelo Bosne, mountain Igman and Bjelašnica - Umoljani tour

Sarajevo  – Vrelo Bosne – mountain Igman – Bjelašnica – Umoljani

Tour description:

Departure to the Vrelo Bosne – Spring of the Bosna river. Enjoying the country’s popular natural landmark which provides a quiet escape from usually busy city life. Vrelo Bosne is part of the municipality of Ilidža, and it is one of the country’s most popular natural landmarks which provides a quiet escape from usually busy city life. 

Tourists can reach the park by easy walk from 3 kilometers straight Main Avenue (Velika Aleja) or, for a reasonable price, by horse-carriage. The avenue itself contains traditional buildings from the Austro-Hungarian-era offering a glance into the luxuries of the past. The paths inside the park are ideal for walks and bicycle riding. Outdoor cafés and restaurants are available offering drinks and food but opening hours may vary from season to a season. Typical animals are ducks and swans among others. 

After that, the tour will continue to Olympic mountains around Sarajevo: Igman and Bjelašnica. Geologically, these gracious mountains are part of the Dinaric Alps. In the year 1984, the winter Olympic Games were hosted on these beautiful mountains: Igman and Bjelašnica. Besides the part where the games took place, these mountains are a wild nature, astonishing and beautiful. 

Tourists can experience the different flavors escaping from the plants, your lungs feeling a different quality of the air and your thoughts become lighter which will bring you to a moment of inspiration and tranquility. One of the most eye-catching structures remains the Ski Jumping platform at Malo Polje. 

Tourists will explore Umoljani – located on the mountain  Bjelašnica. It is an eco-village in full sense of the meaning, with traditional houses. It cherishes the original life and the autochthonous way of lifestyle as well. The people are friendly, polite and natural, they just follow the way nature behaves, graceful and beautiful. Everywhere you throw your glance it's pure, clean, and green. You are away from the city traffic, the huge buildings and concrete. The terrain is perfect for hiking and mountain biking. Tourists can enjoy some delicious local food in a few of the guest facilities. 

Driving back to the accomodation. 

3. day Herzegovina Tour

Sarajevo - Konjic - Jablanica - Mostar - Blagaj - Počitelj 

Tour description:

Departure to Mostar city. First stop is Konjic city, visit Old Bridge – Stara Ćuprija and Neretva river.

Konjic is a town located in northern Herzegovina where the climate is more Mediterranean. Konjic is considered a town which is located between Bosnia and Herzegovina, and therefore some might say that it has a perfect climate. It is a small city, with a beautiful bridge on the river Neretva. Stara Ćuprija (Old Bridge) was built between 1682 and 1683 by Ali-aga Hasečić. It was built over six slightly pointed stone arches. It is the best preserved Ottoman bridge in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The arches were destroyed by the retreating German army in March 1945. The bridge was rebuilt in its original state between 2003 and 2009. The bridge is now proclaimed a National Monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The river Neretva offers a perfect opportunity for the adventure-lovers, and rafting is an unforgettable experience.

Tour will continue to Jablanica with visits to restaurants on Neretva river. Jablanica is surrounded by mountains Čvrsnica and Prenj which offer hunting grounds and a variety of hiking trails. One popular hiking destination is "Hajdučka Vrata", a natural wonder, the product of wind erosion, located 2,000 meters above sea level on the mountain of Čvrsnica. Risovac is a settlement in the municipality, located on a plateau outside of the city, it has several attractions. It is the site of two necropolises, both locations filled with medieval tombstones known as Stećci. Stećci necropolises are characteristic and most prevalent in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Jablanica Lake (Jablaničko jezero) is a very important resource. The lake borders many of its settlements and is used for several purposes. Jablanica is famous for the roasted lamb in restaurants. This dish is the specialty of Jablanica, and you absolutely wouldn’t want to miss it.

Tour will continue to Mostar. The historic town of Mostar, spanning a deep valley of the Neretva River, developed in the 16th is the UNESCO site of cultural heritage.  The most recognizable mark of Mostar is the “Old Bridge”. The Mostar Old Bridge is in the world’s 10 top most beautiful bridges. Nothing is comparable with the feeling of looking on this masterpiece of art and architecture which really seems like it’s a part of eternal beauty.  The practice of diving off the bridge started back in 1664 and became a tradition for the young men of Mostar. In 1968 the city held a formal diving competition, which still continues today.

The only Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series event where competitors leap from a UNESCO World Heritage site will take place on 8 – 10th September 2018. Koski Mehmed Paša Mosque is a simple mosque build in 1618. From minaret, there is the amazing view of Mostar and Stari Most. There are many hotels and restaurants on the river site which offer traditional food with the great view of the Old Bridge. Mostar Old Bridge is in the world’s 10 top most beautiful bridges.

After Mostar, the tour will continue to Blagaj city. Tourist will visit the spring of the Buna river and a historical tekke (tekija or Dervish House).

Tour will continue to Počitelj city. Tourists will visit Kula – Fort of Počitelj and Hajji Alija's Mosque and Clock Tower.

Driving back to the accommodation.

4. day   Travnik and Jajce Tour

Sarajevo - Travnik - Jajce 

Tour description:

Departure to Vitez then to Travnik city. In Travnik, stopping and exploring. Travnik city is located in the center of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the valley of the river "Lašva", surrounded by mountains  Vlašić from the north, and Vilenica from the south. 

Its continental climate, greenery, specific streets and uniqueness, provide numerous opportunities for tourists who visit this city every day. Travnik for 150 years was the capital of a Bosnian pasha, a 77-year-old residence and the headquarters of two consulates. It is also known that there is the largest number of preserved turbas in BiH - a total of seven. 

Fortress Old Town or Travnik Fortress is considered the most important cultural and historical monument. For many years in Travnik, there is a Memorial Museum "The Birth House of Ivo Andrić", which reminds us of the value of his literary legacy. Ivo Andrić was born in this town on October 9, 1892. In the eastern part of Travnik, which preserves the remains of the Bosnian tradition, there is also the spring of "Blue Water", which is actually the shortest river in BiH, well known for its beauty and purity. Being located in the center of Bosnia, It’s just a start for your next great trip to the next city in Bosnia. 

Continuing traveling through Donji Vakuf to Jajce city. In Jajce, a waterfall tour and a walk around it. After that tour of the Pliva Lake and Mlinčić. Tourists have the option of renting boats, as well as, bicycle rental (with four wheels). Jajce city is considered a royal city because it was the capital residence of the Bosnian kings, as well as the last stronghold of the last Bosnian king Stjepan Tomašević. The city, therefore, holds an imposing history from the medieval period, and this historical and cultural richness of Jajce is attested by the presence of 24 national monuments. This town isn't just royal because of the impressive cultural-historic background, we can also say that it's magnificent because of its natural potential. 

The waterfall and the watermills are something that you don't want to miss. It’s a must-see destination. Also, there are restaurants for lunch or another option is to stop at Donji Vakuf and have lunch at the Sjemešnica restaurant.
 On the way back, visiting Travnik and a tour of Blue Water. In Travnik there is madrasah. It is the first and the oldest educational institution. Tour continues to Vitez (if tourists want to go to FIS Vitez for shopping, it is possible to arrange it). 

Driving back to the accommodation. 

5. day   Bijambare caves & sports and recreative center Ajdinovići  

Sarajevo - Bijambare - Ajdinovići 

Tour description:

Departure to Bijambare. Bijambare nowadays is used for relaxing and enjoying the landscape with family and friends. The cave is covered by a specific jewelry, the stalactites, stalagmites, cave drapes or curtains. It takes 150 years to form one centimeter of the stalactites, so you can see the power of nature at its finest. 

Tour will continue to sports and recreative center Ajdinovići where tourist can have lunch, enjoy sports activities or rent quad bikes. 

Driving back to the accommodation.

NOTE: Airline ticket is not included. Breakfast, lunch and dinner not included.